Meet Stacy Renae Snyder, the 34-year-old insurance agent from Houston who captured hearts on Love Is Blind Season 5.

Stacy’s bubbly personality and romantic journey have become a highlight of the show, and here’s what you need to know about her.

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Who is Stacy Renae Snyder?

Stacy was born in California and grew up in Nashville, as indicated in her Instagram bio. She pursued her education at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Retail and Consumer Science in 2010. After working various retail jobs in Nashville, she moved to Houston in 2014 for her current job.

On the show, Stacy is described as a director of operations, but her exact role isn’t specified. According to her LinkedIn profile, she works as the Head of Operations at Petromar in the greater Houston area, a position she has held since 2014. Additionally, she’s a personal stylist, founder of The Closet Audit and The Face Audit, and teaches Pilates at Method Pilates in Houston.


Stacy is currently 34 years old but will be turning 35 shortly, as her birthday is on September 26. Love Is Blind typically features contestants who are ready for marriage, which is why most of them are in their late 20s to mid-30s.


You can find Stacy on Instagram at @stacyrenae926, where she’s quite active. Before Love Is Blind Season 5, she had just over 3,000 followers, a number expected to soar with her newfound fame. Her posts showcase outings with friends, her styling business, fitness, and moments spent with loved ones.


In her official Love Is Blind Season 5 biography on Netflix’s website, Stacy revealed that she has only been single for less than a year, but she’s ready to open up and be vulnerable in the pursuit of finding the man of her dreams. She’s seeking a partner who is family-oriented, outgoing, and driven, and someone who can keep up with her in the gym. Stacy is a former college athlete, and fitness plays a significant role in her life.

However, there are a few traits that are major turn-offs for Stacy. She’s not a fan of “one-uppers” and dislikes individuals who lack awareness of other people. For her, a potential partner must not only win her heart but also win the approval of her family. Stacy’s family gatherings are known for their competitive nature, especially during holiday games.

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Stacy’s journey to find love on Love Is Blind Season 5 has captivated viewers, and her dynamic personality promises an exciting season.