Johnie Maraist, one of the most prominent cast members in Love Is Blind Season 5, has been generating buzz ahead of the show’s premiere. With a thriving legal career, a vibrant Instagram presence, and a heartfelt connection to her hometown, Johnie’s journey promises to be a highlight of the season.

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Who is Johnie Maraist? 

Johnie Maraist (Photo: Instagram/@Johniemaraist)

Beyond her professional achievements and personal interests, Johnie’s Instagram presence reveals her compassionate nature. She actively promotes causes close to her heart, including the Houston Beagle Rescue Organization, a testament to her commitment to making a positive impact in her community.


At the age of 32, Johnie is already making waves in her legal profession. Her LinkedIn profile proudly boasts her “tremendous success in her career,” setting the stage for a promising future. Johnie’s pursuit of legal expertise led her to the University of Houston Law Center, where she earned her Doctor of Law degree. Since 2016, she has been dedicated to the judicial profession, where her commitment and achievements have left a lasting mark.


Johnie is no stranger to social media, particularly Instagram, where her dynamic presence is garnering attention. With over 3.5k followers and growing, she’s on the path to becoming an influential figure. Her Instagram feed offers a glimpse into her glamorous lifestyle, showcasing her daily routine and diverse interests. Johnie thrives on spending quality time with friends, embarking on exciting travel adventures, immersing herself in live music at concerts, and diligently maintaining her fitness regimen. In one memorable Instagram post, she emphasizes the value of health with the caption “ya health is ya wealth.”

Houston, Texas, holds a special place in Johnie’s heart, as it’s not just her current residence; it’s her beloved hometown. Through an Instagram highlight, she shares her life’s milestones and cherished experiences within the city. Johnie’s affinity for art is evident in her Instagram stories, where she often showcases captivating paintings and sculptures. As a dedicated dog mom to Barry, her adorable pet, she frequently delights her followers with heartwarming photos of her furry companion.


Johnie has openly revealed that she was previously married, a life experience she shares with fellow contestant Izzy, who had been engaged prior to joining the show.

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As Love Is Blind Season 5 approaches its premiere date, viewers are eager to embark on Johnie’s journey, marked by her career success, vibrant Instagram lifestyle, and deep connection to her hometown.