Love Is Blind season 3 has left viewers wondering which couples have made it post-filming; while some pairs called it quits, two are still together and going strong in 2023.

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With season 4 now airing, Love Is Blind is a Netflix original series that has gained immense popularity among viewers. The show follows a group of single individuals as they try to find love in a unique way. The premise of the show is to prove that people can form deep connections without seeing each other. Season 3 premiered in 2022, and like the previous seasons, it was full of surprises and unexpected twists.

The ten individuals who formed connections in the pods got engaged, but not all relationships have stood the test of time. While five new engagements were made on the show, only two marriages have survived from season 1, and all the season 2 relationships failed. While each couple had their fair share of ups and downs on Love Is Blind season 3, viewers were left wondering which duos survived post-filming, and which pairs threw in the towel.

Alexa and Brennon

Alexa and Brennon were the first couple to get engaged in the pods, and after a relatively smooth four weeks, they got married on the show. Their love story still continues, as Alexa and Brennon are very much in love many months later. They have shared several photos of them together on social media, and Brennon even wrote ahead of the finale, “I am honored to have been able to call Alexa my fiancé.”

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Colleen and Matt

Colleen and Matt were the second Love Is Blind season 3 couple to tie the knot, and although many viewers were concerned by Matt’s short fuse and paranoia, they are still married. They confirmed at the Love Is Blind season 3 reunion that they don’t live together, and have not provided an update about their living situation since then.