‘Love is Blind’ is back for a second season just ahead of Valentine’s day, as the hit reality show drops five new episodes on Netflix on February 11. 

The series tests the premise of whether couples can fall in love based on personality rather than looks. Accordingly, singles are placed in ‘pods’ where they can interact with each other and date, without seeing the other person. As connections begin to form, the couples continue their conversations, and can only meet when they’re engaged. After they propose to each other and meet, the couples go to a resort, where they have a chance to know each other better before returning to the world. 

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‘Love is Blind’ follows them up to the wedding day, and even shows which couples make it and which ones don’t. 

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Nick and Vanessa Lachey return as hosts, and the teaser shows Vanessa announcing that the pods are officially open. The couple is arguably the best choice to host the show since their own relationship was in the public eye due to their individual fame when they met. Nick is best known as the lead singer of 98 Degrees, the boy band, while Vanessa has appeared in numerous shows, including ‘How I Met Your Mother’. Both hosts often refer to their relationship to show contestants what they can achieve. 

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Season 2 takes place in Chicago, and after the initial set of five episodes, ‘Love is Blind’ will see four more coming out on February 18, and the finale on February 25. 

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A woman in the trailer can be heard saying, “This experiment interests me because, you know… I don’t have boobs and a butt”.

Season 1 arrived on Netflix in 2020 and became a fan-favourite due to its dramatic moments. Now, with COVID-19 and the push towards virtual dating, Season 2 seems all the more promising. 

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At the end of Season 1, six couples got engaged, and two ended up married. Both the married couples are still together, as revealed in the reunion episode aired after Season 1, and the special ‘After the Altar’, which came out in 2021.