Meet Taylor Rue, the 26-year-old teacher from Houston, a contestant on Love Is Blind Season 5. Discover her age, Instagram, and relationship status.

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Who is Taylor Rue? 

Taylor Rue, a 26-year-old teacher from the Houston area, has made her mark on Love Is Blind Season 5. Let’s delve into the details about this intriguing contestant.


At just 26, Taylor Rue brings youthful energy and enthusiasm to the show. She’s a teacher by profession, and her journey on Love Is Blind Season 5 has captivated viewers. Taylor is no stranger to sharing her life on social media, where she can be found under the Instagram handle @taylormrue.


Taylor is active on Instagram, where she has kept her followers updated on her Love Is Blind journey. Her September 2023 post announced her participation in the show, hinting at her frustration with traditional dating and the pursuit of a deeper connection.


Taylor entered the Love Is Blind experiment seeking more than just looks in a partner. After four years of being single, she expressed weariness with shallow dating experiences. In the pods, Taylor was determined to find a soul connection and someone who values honesty above all else. She also mentioned her preference for a slightly taller partner. Lying was a deal-breaker for her due to past experiences with unfaithful exes. If she left the experiment with a ring, she couldn’t wait to celebrate her favorite time of year—Christmas—with her partner.

As for Taylor’s relationship status post-Love Is Blind Season 5, there’s no public information about her current boyfriend or relationship. While she and her pod partner got engaged during the show, just like JP, there’s no record of them obtaining a marriage license in Harris County, Texas. This suggests they may not have gone through with the wedding.

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Taylor Rue brought her unique perspective and desire for a deep connection to Love Is Blind Season 5. As for her current relationship status, it remains a mystery, leaving fans curious about her post-show love life.