As Love Is Blind Season 5 sweeps viewers into a whirlwind of romance and intrigue, James Milton Johnson IV, known as Milton, takes center stage as one of the youngest cast members. 

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Who is James Milton Johnson IV?

With a career in petroleum engineering and a thirst for lasting love, Milton’s journey in the pods promises to be captivating.


At the age of 25, James Milton Johnson IV resides in Houston, Texas, and works as a petroleum engineer. 


On his Instagram account, identified by the handle @jamesmiltonj4, Milton shared his excitement for the Love Is Blind Season 5 premiere, inviting viewers to join him on his quest for love.


Netflix’s official Love Is Blind Season 5 biography offers a peek into Milton’s outlook on love and relationships. Despite being one of the youngest participants in the pods, Milton believes he’s mature enough to seek his future wife. He typically gravitates towards women older than himself, yet he doesn’t have a specific type when it comes to dating.

Milton’s biggest turnoff is individuals lacking ambition, as he’s devoted years to his education and career. As he re-enters the dating scene, he hopes to avoid repeating mistakes from past relationships. He acknowledges a tendency to self-sabotage and keep people at a distance emotionally.

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As Love Is Blind Season 5 unfolds, viewers will follow Milton’s journey to find lasting love. His age, profession, and Instagram presence offer layers to his story, making him one of the intriguing contestants to watch in the pursuit of genuine emotional connection.

For those curious about Milton’s relationship status and whether he finds love in the pods, the journey continues with each new episode of Love Is Blind Season 5, that releases every Friday on Netflix.