The BBC presenter at the center of several days’ worth of allegations and rumors has been identified as Huw Edwards. The information was made public shortly after the Metropolitan Police announced that, after reviewing the complaints, no criminal violation had been committed. Here are all the reported allegations against BBC presenter Huw Edwards:

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The Sun newspaper originally reported that the broadcaster, who was not named at the time, was accused of paying a young person for sexually graphic images. The news outlet published the initial report in July, concerning the mother’s accusations that an anonymous BBC presenter paid their child tens of thousands of pounds for obscene images over a three-year period, commencing when the young person was 17 years old.

According to the mother, the money was used to support the young person’s crack cocaine habit. The mother, who was cited by The Sun in further charges, claimed that the presenter was pictured in his underwear “ready for my child to perform for him”.

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Another young person told BBC News on Tuesday, June 11, that the presenter had made them feel threatened. The 20-year-old claimed they got in touch via a dating app and were pushed to meet up, but they never did. The young person received abusive threats after they intimated online that they could name the presenter.

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According to The Sun, the presenter also violated Covid lockdown policies in order to meet a 23-year-old he had met online. Furthermore, the presenter sent messages that included love heart emojis to the 17-year-old in what the tabloid claimed was an Instagram conversation.

Now, in the hours since Huw Edwards’s identity was revealed, three BBC employees have come forward with new claims about their interactions with Edwards. Two previous employees claimed to have also received texts that made them uncomfortable, and one current employee claimed that Edwards had sent them inappropriate and suggestive messages.

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Detailing the new allegations, Lucy Manning, special correspondent at BBC News, said: “A current BBC employee said this year they had received suggestive messages on social media from the presenter. BBC News has seen the messages which refer to the BBC staff member’s appearance and they are flirtatious.”

She added: “Another BBC worker and a former one have also told Newsnight they received what they perceived to be more inappropriate social media messages from the presenter that made them feel uncomfortable.”