The fitness community is still reeling from the untimely death of Jo Lindner, a renowned German bodybuilder and Instagram influencer. While the exact cause of his death is said to be aneurysm, an interesting revelation has emerged regarding his post-COVID vaccine journey.

Jo Lindner shared his experience with plasmapheresis, a blood cleaning procedure, during a conversation with fitness personality Bradley Martyn.

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What is Plasmapheresis?

Plasmapheresis is a process that involves separating the plasma, the liquid part of the blood, from the blood cells. It can be done for therapeutic purposes or as a plasma donation.

During the procedure, a machine removes the affected plasma and replaces it with either healthy plasma or a plasma substitute. This treatment is similar to kidney dialysis and can help address immune system-related issues caused by antibodies present in the plasma.

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Jo Lindner’s case

In Jo Lindner’s case, he mentioned undergoing plasmapheresis twice following concerns about particles found in his bloodwork. He visited a doctor who recommended the procedure as a means to cleanse his blood from heavy metals and other substances.

Jo Lindner described the process, which involved a thick needle drawing out his blood, cleaning it in a machine, and then reintroducing it back into his body. Despite the expensive and discomforting nature of the treatment, he believed it was necessary for his post-vaccine recovery.

It is important to note that Jo Lindner’s specific circumstances and experiences with plasmapheresis should not be generalized to all individuals. Plasmapheresis is typically performed for specific medical reasons and under professional medical supervision.

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While the connection between Jo Lindner’s plasmapheresis and his tragic passing is unclear, his revelation has sparked conversations and further inquiries into the procedure’s potential benefits and risks. As the fitness community mourns the loss of an influential figure, the discussion surrounding plasmapheresis serves as a reminder of the complexities and individuality of health journeys.