Joe Biden’s first White House correspondents’ dinner as President was not welcomed warmly by the Republican National Committee. In a series of social media posts, Biden’s statements were being slammed as he was making them in Washington DC.

RNC Research, an analytical wing of the Republican Party, sent out a thread of tweets on Saturday and pointed out what they thought was wrong with Biden’s speech and the event as a whole.

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The White House correspondents’ dinner was being organised after a COVID-19 induced two-year gap. This was slammed by multiple members of the Republican party, even though some were in attendance. 

Biden’s stand-up comedy set included a joke about former President Donald Trump, in which the Republican was labelled as a “horrible plague.”

This is the first time the President has attended this dinner in six years,” Biden said. “It’s understandable. We had a horrible plague followed by two years of COVID.” The RNC Research wing responded quickly and wrote, “Reminder: Biden ran on uniting the country.”

Kyle Martinsen, a top official of RNC Research, wrote in a social media post, “If you are an American who is barely scraping by because of massive inflation, just know that your president thinks that is hilarious.”

Biden, however, did not spare the GOP in his White House correspondents’ dinner address on Saturday, even though jokingly said, “I am not really here to roast the GOP. That is not my style.”

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The US President followed up by saying, “There is nothing I can say about the GOP that Kevin McCarthy has not already put on tape.”

The president took the opportunity to test out his comedic chops, making light of the criticism he has faced in his 15 months in office.

“I am really excited to be here tonight with the only group of Americans with a lower approval rating than I have,” Biden said to the Hilton ballroom filled with members of the media.