In a recent broadcast on GB News, two individuals, John Watt and Adam Rowland, confronted British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak regarding the adverse effects they claim to have suffered from the COVID-19 vaccine. The incident occurred during a segment where viewers were given the opportunity to pose questions to the Prime Minister.

Rishi Sunak (x/@rishisunak)

Who are John Watt and Adam Rowland?

John Watt, addressing Sunak directly, recounted his experience as a vaccine-injured individual, expressing pain, trauma, and regret. He highlighted the lack of support for those affected by adverse reactions to the vaccine and criticized the inadequacy of the vaccine damage payment scheme. Watt claimed to have set up a support group in Scotland for those impacted by the vaccine and voiced frustration over being silenced on social media platforms.

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Adam Rowland, another vaccine-injured individual present in the audience, alleged that his story had been censored by the press at the government’s behest.

In response, Prime Minister Sunak expressed sympathy for their circumstances and assured them that their cases would be looked into. He acknowledged the existence of a vaccine compensation scheme within the NHS but emphasized the need for individual assessment of each case. Sunak encouraged the individuals to provide their details to his team for further review.

However, Rowland later reported via social media that GB News failed to provide his details to the Prime Minister as promised during the broadcast. Despite approaching the news outlet, he claimed that his information was not passed on.

Following the incident, Prime Minister Sunak took to Twitter to thank GB News viewers for their questions and reaffirmed his commitment to free speech and open dialogue.

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John Watt and Adam Rowland are individuals who claim to have suffered adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine. Their confrontation with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on GB News brought attention to their grievances regarding support, compensation, and alleged censorship. While Sunak expressed willingness to address their concerns, Rowland’s subsequent claim of unfulfilled promises adds a layer of complexity to the situation.