Aiden Pleterski, a self-proclaimed ‘crypto king’ from Canada was allegedly kidnapped and tortured after allegations that he defrauded investors out of millions of dollars in order to fund the lavish lifestyle he advertised online.

The crypto dealer was abducted in the early hours of the morning in December, according to Pleterski’s father, Adam Peters’s most recent claims in a government report.

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Who is Aiden Pleterski?

Aiden Pleterski is a 23-year-old Canadian who is currently filing for bankruptcy as investigators work to recoup the $29 million they claim he defrauded from investors. Only $1.6 million has been recovered thus far, and according to reports, Pleterski squandered the majority of that amount on a private plane, luxury automobiles, and lavish holidays.

According to a report by administrators looking into the fraud, Pleterski allegedly collected $29 million from clients by claiming he would invest it in both cryptocurrencies and foreign currencies. He reportedly only put in roughly $485,000, or less than 2% of the entire amount in hand.

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According to the latest reports, Peters claims that he got a call demanding $3 million CAD in ransom in exchange for the return of his son, who had allegedly been driven around Ontario and brutally abused.

“He was taken. They basically held him for approximately three days, drove him around different, various parts of southern Ontario, beat him, tortured him, allowed him to make specific phone calls to specific people only,” Peters told a courtroom. “I was not one of those people that he was allowed to contact.”

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After a few days, Pleterski was reportedly freed with a warning to pay up or face the consequences. According to reports, he was permitted to contact his landlord, who claimed during testimony in court that the victim was pleading with him for the millions of dollars in ransom payments.

The Toronto police have not disclosed any information about the potential kidnapper or arrest, and no suspects have been named.