In a recent Instagram post, London-based illustrator Amandeep Singh stirred controversy by sharing a series of images and commentary that critics have deemed as promoting antisemitic tropes.

Singh’s portrayal of Jews in a disturbing light has drawn significant condemnation, raising concerns about the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes and the escalation of tensions amid the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

Who is Amandeep Singh? Exploring the Artistic Journey of the London Illustrator

Amandeep Singh, also known by his artistic moniker ‘Ink,’ has established himself as a prominent figure in London’s art scene, celebrated for his intricate ink creations that draw inspiration from his Sikh heritage and the diverse landscapes surrounding him.

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With a focus on storytelling through his illustrations, Singh delves into a spectrum of themes, including religion, popular culture, and socio-political dynamics, allowing viewers to interpret his pieces through their unique perspectives.

Graduating with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design and Illustration, followed by an MA in Illustration from the University of Hertfordshire in 2009, Singh has collaborated with numerous esteemed clients and companies, showcasing his creative prowess and artistic vision. His portfolio boasts an array of private commissions and ongoing projects, including a recent venture with tech giant Apple, solidifying his presence as a versatile and innovative force within the contemporary art world.

Following an unexpected attack by around 1,500 militants from Hamas and Islamic Jihad on Israel on October 7, resulting in an estimated 1,400 deaths and the abduction of about 240 people in Gaza, tensions have risen significantly, according to the Associated Press.

Consequently, Israel has launched an intense campaign involving airstrikes and a ground invasion into the Palestinian territory, with the goal of eliminating Hamas. The conflict has reportedly claimed the lives of 10,500 Palestinians, as reported by the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry, leading to widespread protests and calls for a halt to hostilities.

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In some cases, expressions of support for the Palestinian cause have turned into endorsements of Hamas’ actions and explicit threats of anti-Semitic nature.

As public scrutiny intensifies over the controversial content shared on his social media platform, Singh’s artistic journey becomes entwined with broader conversations concerning responsible expression and the ramifications of disseminating sensitive subject matter in a volatile global climate.