A woman is being severely slammed on social media for making a controversial post on X (formerly known as Twitter). The woman has been identified as Brice Garreau.

She faced backlash for making a post with the caption, “Satan loves Zionists.” Her actions were highlighted on social media after which she received harsh criticism.

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Who is Brice Garreau?

Brice Garreau is a journalist by profession. She works at Tired Earth France. It is an international group trying to improve awareness and increase hope for a bright future.

Garreau has made multiple posts in support of Palestine on her X account amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. 

Many X users condemned or voiced their displeasure with her after her behavior and post received a lot of attention on social media. One user wrote, “Interesting how many are revealing their views on Jews they’ve probably had for a long time.”

“She should publish here “articles” in the hamas papers.” another user wrote.

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However, several users came in support of her. One user, “I appreciate your work but I’m wondering, is there any path back for someone after they espouse opinions like this? This is not a trick question and I am absolutely not excusing the vileness–I genuinely wonder what it would take or if it is possible at all.”

“Antisemitism and antizionism are two diagonally opposite things. Nothing is as antisemitic as Jesuitic Zionism which was created as a weapon against Judaism and the Torah. That’s why Israel is an atheist state.” another user tweeted.

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Due to the October 7 massacre and the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel, there has been a major increase in anti-Semitic incidents and hate crimes against Jews both in the US and around the world. According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), in the two weeks following the start of the Middle East crisis—which was caused by a Hamas attack on Israel—anti-Semitic occurrences in the US rose by more than 400%.