A man identified as Manoj Sen is being trolled on social media for making derogatory comments about Jews on Facebook.

The man has been identified as Dr. Manoj Sen. He is reportedly a doctor by profession.

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Who is Dr. Manoj Sen?

Manoj Sen is reportedly a surgeon at Northwick Park Hospital in London. He also appears to be a lecturer at the Imperial College.

He is being severely bashed on X for his remarks about Jews. He allegedly took to Facebook and posted “Die Juden sind unsere Unglück” or “the Jews are our misfortune” in German. He went on to call one of the Facebook users “Jew boy” and to say other antisemitic things.

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Several X users slammed him for his actions and raised concerns. One user wrote, “@NHS @imperialcollege Do you condone these statements made by your Dr. Manoj Sen? Can your Jewish patients or students and faculty feel safe? Waiting for your reply.”

“I Can Only Imagine what job would have been given to this “doctor” during World War II” another user tweeted.

One user wrote, “An antisemite and an alcoholic – with a scalpel in his hands 🙌”

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Multiple cases of antisemitism are coming forward amid the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict. The London Metropolitan Police have made 133 arrests in relation to crimes involving the Israel-Hamas conflict as of November 3. More than 1,800 people have referred possible internet terrorists or criminal activities related to the conflict to the Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit since October 7th.

When compared to the same period last year, hate crimes against Jewish communities in London increased fourteen-fold, according to police reports. The number of alleged antisemitic incidents reported to the Metropolitan Police in October was 408, up from 28 during the same period in 2022.