Jazzie, an American influencer living in Israel and going by @theisraelbites on TikTok and Instagram, faced backlash after highlighting how hard it was for her to get gluten-free flour when Hamas was in power. 

She learned about a shortage at army bases around the nation and shared a video of herself attempting to make “gluten-free celiac-safe food” on social media.

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Who is Jazzie?

Jazzie goes by @theisraelbites on TikTok and Instagram. The American-born Jewish travel blogger moved to Israel in 2018, and she worked with a gluten-free bakery in Jerusalem to make sure the soldiers had healthy meal alternatives.

She shared a video on social media showing her attempt to make “gluten-free celiac-safe food.” She said she had heard army bases all around the nation were experiencing a severe scarcity of these supplies.

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Her video, “A day in my life: Israel is at war edition,” detailed the difficulty she had finding enough gluten-free flour. She eventually discovered more in the storage section of a supermarket. 

Nevertheless, there has been a lot of opposition to this complaint. “I see a lot of people on the internet that I feel are completely out of touch with reality, but this for me, I think this takes the cake,” retorted a TikTok user.

Several internet users voiced their displeasure with Jazzie’s video, highlighting how her worries regarding gluten-free baking ingredients sounded out of date during a contentious period. 

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They begged her to think about the much worse conditions that individuals who are directly impacted by the fighting endure, like the lack of access to food, clean water, and energy. Some commented satirically on the apparent insignificance of her search for gluten-free bread, while others highlighted the sharp difference between her circumstances and the difficult circumstances that many people in the area suffer.