78-year-old Jim Henderson, a former British Army veteran was assaulted at Waverley Station in Edinburgh, Scotland, as a peaceful pro-Palestinian rally turned ugly. According to eyewitness accounts, Henderson, who was in the process of dismantling his poppy-selling stall, was viciously attacked by a group of individuals amidst the chaotic demonstration on Saturday.

Amid the sea of chanting protestors, Henderson recounted the terrifying moment when he was struck from behind as he bent down to pack up his belongings. “And then I got another punch in my side,” he lamented, recalling the distressing turn of events. Despite the distressing ordeal, Henderson was able to regain his footing, assisted by three compassionate women in railway workers’ uniforms, who swiftly helped him navigate his way out of the tumultuous scene at the station.

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Who is Jim Henderson?

Jim Henderson, a veteran of the British Army, has a notable history of service, having dedicated his efforts to the Royal Corps of Signals, 32 Signal Regiment during the troubled times of the Northern Ireland conflict. His commitment to service continued even in his later years, as he found purpose in volunteering for Poppyscotland, an esteemed charity organization dedicated to supporting veterans and their families.

A spokesperson for Poppyscotland underscored the organization’s deep concern for the safety and well-being of their volunteers, emphasizing that while they respected the right to protest, ensuring the safety of their dedicated volunteers remained a top priority. The spokesperson confirmed that Henderson had been volunteering for the organization at the time of the disturbing incident at Waverley Station.

In response to the distressing assault, British Transport Police (BTP) Assistant Chief Constable Sean O’Callaghan assured the public that the authorities were actively investigating the reported assault at Edinburgh Waverley Station on the fateful Saturday. BTP has been collaborating closely with ScotRail to gather information and conduct a thorough investigation into the disturbing incident.

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The incident has sparked a larger conversation about the safety of individuals involved in political demonstrations, shedding light on the need for greater vigilance and protection for those inadvertently caught in the crossfire of passionate protests.