Kevin R. James, an economist at the London School of Economics was spotted supporting the bombing of Gaza civilian hospitals including Al-Shifa by Israel.

Who is Kevin James?

Kevin R. James, a staff member of the Systemic Risk Centre at LSE, asserted that Israel is justified in targeting civilian hospitals such as Shifa Hospital. He has authored an article arguing against Israel’s obligation to adhere to the International Humanitarian Law established by the Geneva Conventions.

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A doctor who was compelled to evacuate Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital described the harrowing conditions characterized by bodies strewn in the streets and a pervasive stench of death lingering in the air during a week-long siege that culminated in the closure of the medical facility.

Facing an unspecified threat from the Israeli military, the last occupants of the Strip’s largest hospital were given a one-hour ultimatum on Saturday afternoon to vacate the premises.

Dr Ibraheem Shakoura, recounting the dire situation, expressed how he endeavored to stay as long as possible to assist the remaining patients but ultimately had to evacuate.

“Israeli soldiers kidnapped the bodies of the martyrs, they threatened to bomb the floor where we were, so we decided to leave Al Shifa,” he revealed.

Upon leaving the hospital building, Dr Shakoura recounted assurances of safe passage from the Israelis, which turned out to be neither safe nor suitable for the wounded. He vividly described the distressing scenes of suffering children and grieving women, emphasizing the prevalence of lifeless bodies on the streets during their journey.

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“The smell of dead bodies was unbearable. When we tried to bury the bodies of the martyrs, the Israeli soldiers came and kidnapped the bodies,” the doctor added, offering a chilling glimpse into the traumatic impact of the siege, marked by bomb blasts and sniper fire.