According to the University of York, a duck that became a social media sensation due to its height has passed away.

Long Boi, the bird, rose to prominence after appearing on James Corden’s US chat show and Greg James’s BBC Radio 1 show. The mallard/Indian runner cross, standing at 2ft 4in (70cm), has not been spotted on campus in about two months.

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Due to the lack of sightings, a university official said, “we are forced to conclude that he has passed away.”

The university stated in a statement: “We appreciate this is not the resolution that many people were wishing for, but hope that acknowledging his passing allows us to focus on celebrating his life and commemorating the time he spent with us.”

Greg James of Radio 1 Breakfast led tributes to the celebrity duck, dedicating Wiz Khalifa’s song See You Again to Long Boi.

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“Long Boi, he lived a long life. “And what a fantastic boy he was,” he remarked, before announcing plans for a ceremonial “quack-a-long” on Friday.

“It’s not a minute’s silence, because that’s not what Long Boi would have wanted,” he explained.

Meanwhile, a floral memorial and a photo of the duck have been left on a bench on campus, where he had become a “icon” to certain students.

People were invited to “do something for the local environment, such as feeding the ducks at your local pond or making a charitable donation in Long Boi’s memory,” according to the university.

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“We remain grateful for the incredible community of fans who have given their time, energy, and skills to celebrating Long Boi and the abundance of wildlife found here on campus,” said the university in a statement.

“During his time at York, Long Boi brought joy to the staff, students, alumni, and visitors.” During his four years with us, our gorgeous campus and great grounds team provided him with a fulfilling existence.

It was reported that the University of York Students’ Union (YUSU) was planning an appropriate memorial to Long Boi.