A man identified as Oraf Thorsten Brinkmann was arrested by Thailand Police on Tuesday evening in connection to the murder of Hans Peter Walter Mack.

On July 11, a group of police officers headed by Surachate Hakparn, a renowned police officer in Thailand known as “Big Joke,” detained the German national, Oraf Thorsten Brinkmann, as reported by Pattaya News.

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Who is Oraf Thorsten Brinkmann?

Oraf Thorsten Brinkmann is a German national. Oraf has been identified as the primary suspect in the murder case involving Hans Peter Mack, a 62-year-old German businessman. He is now accused of being the ringleader of the operation, as per media reports.

Hans Peter Mack was reported missing on July 4. A reward of three million baht was being given for information that would result in his safe return. Tragically, authorities discovered the dismembered body parts of a German businessman on Monday night in the southern Thai town of Nong Prue.

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The development comes after the arrest of one suspect when a person of interest who lived at the house where Mack’s dismembered body was located was spotted hiding at a restaurant. However, it is significant to note that even though the police have not designated this person as a suspect, their link to the case prompts more attention and investigation.

According to reports, Oraf has asked for legal counsel and has refuted every complaint and allegation made against him. Zahrouk Kareem Uddin is one of the primary suspects and is still at large while the inquiry develops. The freezer containing Mack’s dismembered remains is thought to have been transported by Zahrouk, a 27-year-old Pakistani man.

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As of now, the investigation into the case is still wide open. There isn’t much information available on the capture of Oraf other than the fact that Big Joke’s crew was involved.