Singh, an Indian male nurse accused of killing Australian Toyah Cordingley in
2018, was arrested by the Delhi Police on Friday, November 25. Thirty-eight-year-old
Singh allegedly murdered Toyah Cordingley at an Australian beach and then fled
to India, leaving behind is job, wife and three children. Australia’s
Queensland Police had announced a reward of 1 million Australian dollars (Rs
5.31 crore) for information leading to Singh’s arrest. This was the largest offer
ever made by the department.

Who is
Rajwinder Singh?

Singh is native to Butter Kalan, Punjab, in north-western India. He worked in
Australia for several years as a geriatric nurse. He was married and had three
children and lived with his family in Innisfail town. Singh’s father Amar Singh
and brother Harpreet Singh are also based in Australia, according to a report
in the Punjab-based English news site The Tribune. Singh had move to Queensland
nearly 20 years ago.

Cordingley, a 24-year-old pharmacy worker, had gone to walk her dog at the
beach in October 21, 2018. She was found dead on the beach the next day.   

On the same
October 21, Rajwinder Singh left town, his family members said. Earlier that
day, Singh had visited Cairs, before frantically returning and purchasing a
plane ticket. In the evening, he fled to Sydney and spent the next several
hours with his sister who lived there. He then got on a flight to Amritsar.

Singh did
not get in touch with his wife or children in the next four years and did not
even use any credit or debit cards. Little to none was known of him after he

Police had found Rajwinder Singh’s location near the murder site and they say
they have enough circumstantial and documentary evidence to point to Singh as
the prime suspect. The police department asked the Australian government to
seek India’s help in finding Singh. India has approved the formal extradition
of Rajwinder Singh.