A Prince Harry impersonator claims that he began to fear for his life after the Duke of Sussex recently boasted in his biography, “Spare,” of having killed 25 Taliban fighters.

Rhys Whittock, 39, who was declared the ‘Best Prince Harry Lookalike in Europe’ by EasyJet, said in an interview, “Because Harry has now given out information, like how many people he killed in Afghanistan, experts are saying that he’s put his family’s lives in danger and at risk. That means it’s also a risk for me because I look so much like him.”

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Who is Rhys Whittock?

Rhys Whittock was born in 1983. According to princeharrylookalike.com, Whittock “has been mistaken for the popular Royal Prince, Harry, for many years. As well as his obvious facial resemblance, Rhys has the same red hair and is almost identical in height, build and age.”

Whittock participated in Easyjet’s 2018 #YourRoyalLikeness contest. The goal of the competition was to find Europeans who most closely resembled Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Whittock was chosen as the winner out of almost 3,000 candidates from all over the continent.

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Whittock has since worked with a variety of commercial clients, assisting them in marketing their products by participating in photo shoots and making guest appearances at business events to speak with guests and snap pictures.

Right up until Prince Harry’s recent remark about the Taliban, Whittock was doing great.  He said, “I’m now a security risk. Some people may think I’m the real Harry because I look exactly like him. You never know what could happen. There are some crazy people out there so it is a little scary.”

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“After Megxit, I couldn’t walk more than 20 meters without someone stopping me for a photo or commenting or laughing. So it’s going to be very difficult for me to walk around now after the Netflix show and the book. I didn’t really think of it until I had a text message from my mum saying that I’m now a target because of his revelations. My mum wants me to now wear glasses while I’m out so I look less like him,” Whittock added.