Colonel Terry Virts shared the last text message he received from Hamish Harding, one of the five people aboard a submersible that went missing near the Titanic wreckage.

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Who is Terry Virts?

Terry Virts is a former NASA astronaut and retired Colonel in the United States Air Force. He was born on December 1, 1967, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Virts has a strong foundation in aviation and space exploration.

Virts joined NASA’s astronaut class in 2000. He worked in several capacities inside the organization before being deployed to his first space mission. He traveled into orbit for the first time in November 2010 as part of the space shuttle mission STS-130. Virts piloted the shuttle Endeavour on this mission.

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Virts is best known for his second space mission, which lasted from November 2014 to June 2015. During Expeditions 43 and 44, he was the commander of the International Space Station (ISS). Virts spent 200 days in space, performing multiple spacewalks and conducting various scientific experiments.

Virts acquired notoriety during his tenure on the ISS for his magnificent images of Earth, which he shared on social media. His photographs captured the beauty and awe of earth as viewed from space, and they immediately became popular around the world.

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Virts retired from NASA and the Air Force in 2016 after his space flights. Since then, he has started speaking in public and imparting his knowledge and wisdom on leadership, teamwork, and space exploration. His breathtaking picture is included in the book “View from Above: An Astronaut Photographs the World,” which he has also written.

Virts was a notable graduate of undergraduate pilot training at Williams Air Force Base, Arizona, and F-16 training at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida. He also graduated with honors from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and the United States Air Force Academy. The Meritorious Service Medal, the Air Medal, the Aerial Achievement Medal, and the Air Force Commendation Medal are among his military honors.

He, Samantha Cristoforetti, and Anton Shkaplerov were given Lego minifigures by the European Space Agency to commemorate Expedition 42.