NYU Hospital Physician’s social media post sparks concern amid Israeli conflict escalation, raising questions about medical neutrality.

Who is Zaki Masoud?

Zaki Masoud (x/@stopantisemites)

On October 7, Zaki Masoud, a physician at NYU Langone Winthrop Hospital, made an unsettling social media post. In the post, he referred to a horrific event in Israel as a “liberation. Resistance. Revolution.” 

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This statement sparked widespread outrage, with many expressing concern over the nature of his message. The incident in question resulted in a large number of casualties and violent acts, including murders, assaults, and arson.

Jewish patients, particularly those with Israeli ancestors, have expressed concern about obtaining care from Dr. Masoud. The post highlighted concerns about the impact of personal opinions on the medical profession, as well as the need for doctors to maintain impartiality and compassion in their care.

It remains to be seen how the hospital and appropriate authorities will respond to these charges as the situation progresses. Adhering to professional ethics and giving unbiased care to all patients is critical in the medical sector. Investigations may provide further insight on the incident and its possible ramifications.

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Israeli air and ground forces have recently increased their operations in Gaza, leading to battles with Hamas militants. The UN General Assembly has endorsed a resolution calling for a humanitarian cease-fire and relief access to Gaza. However, the war remains complex, and concerns about its broader influence on the area continue. International efforts to seek a peaceful resolution persist, with the situation being closely monitored across the world.