According to local media sources, Abdesalem Lassoued is the individual who shot and killed two Swedish football fans in Brussels on Monday. 

The office of Belgian federal prosecutors is cited in the article. Two people lost their lives and one person was injured as a result of the tragedy. Lassoued, who is thought to be 45 years old, lives in an apartment in the city’s Schaerbeek neighborhood.

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Authorities decided to call off the Sweden vs. Belgium Euro 2023 qualifying match that was in progress at the King Baudouin Stadium in response to the incident.

Who was Abdesalem Lassoued?

Abdesalem Lassoued was 45 years old. He was a Tunisian national, on his way to the Euro 2024 qualifier, reportedly came across a bunch of football supporters carrying an assault gun akin to a Kalashnikov.

The terrorist was shot and taken into custody during a stop-and-search operation at a cafe while officials searched Belgium’s capital following a 12-hour manhunt.

The terrorist died while being driven to the hospital in an ambulance, according to Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden. Verlinden in a tweet said, “The perpetrator of the terrorist attack in Brussels has been identified and died. 

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The shooting event took place in the midst of growing tensions that were caused by protests in Sweden over the burning of the Quran, which deepened the rift between Arab countries and the European nation.

Many countries condemned the demonstrations, and radicals even threatened to attack Swedes at home and abroad.

“The attacker deliberately went after Swedish fans who were in Brussels to watch a soccer match between the Red Devils.” There were two Swedish casualties. PM de Croo said that a third person is now recovering from serious injuries. 

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The attacker admitted to the killings in a video that he triumphantly put on Facebook not long after the incident.

The attacker in the video, going by the name “Slayem Slouma,” declared in Arabic that he intended to get revenge for the death of a six-year-old US-Palestinian youngster.