Police launched a murder inquiry over the weekend after disturbingly discovering the 41-year-old missing businessman Fernando Pérez Algaba’s dismembered remains. A group of kids in Argentina discovered the remains.

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The horrific details of the case came to light on Sunday when a group of kids playing by a creek in the Buenos Aires Province town of Ingeniero Budge made a dreadful discovery. Their discovery of a red bag containing body pieces eventually led to the identification of the missing millionaire Fernando Pérez Algaba’s dismembered remains.

Who was Fernando Pérez Algaba?

Fernando Pérez Algaba was 41 years old. He was a businessman and influencer and had amassed considerable wealth through his ventures, which involved renting luxury vehicles and engaging in cryptocurrency sales. He frequently advertised his cryptocurrency business ventures to his 900,000+ Instagram followers.

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The influencer, who is based in Barcelona, Spain, had been living in Argentina for about a week before the event that allegedly resulted in his murder. 

Algaba had rented an apartment, and the owner testified that he was supposed to return the keys on July 19. But he didn’t show up when he was supposed to, and phone calls to him went unanswered.

The police have made an arrest in connection with the investigation into Fernando Pérez Algaba’s death. The precise reason for the suspected murder, however, has not yet been made public in full. Authorities have, however, expressed concerns that the influencer’s huge debts may have had something to do with his passing.

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Fernando Pérez Algaba built a prosperous luxury automobile and jet ski rental business in Miami during his entrepreneurial adventure. Later, he made a huge move earlier in the year to Barcelona. Algaba started actively trading cryptocurrencies during this time, doing so out of a Buenos Aires office. His cryptocurrency trading business had grown tremendously, and he employed over 25 people to help run it.