Muslim bus driver Suheyb al-Razm lost his life in the devastating Hamas attack at the Tribe of Nova music festival.

Who was Suheyb abu Amar al-Razm?

Suheyb abu Amar al-Razm, an East Jerusalem Muslim bus driver, was brutally killed on October 7 after a horrible attack on  an open-air music festival near the Gaza border. The Tribe of Nova music festival devolved into one of the most catastrophic civilian killings in Israeli history.

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The event began as a cheerful gathering of thousands of young men and women who assembled in a wide field in southern Israel to enjoy electronic music. Air raid sirens abruptly interrupted the festivities as revelers danced to the sounds of the headliner DJ, signifying the start of a nightmare.

Panic gripped the audience as missiles sped overhead. Suheyb abu Amar al-Razm, a bus driver hired to convey young people to and from the festival, was caught up in the commotion. According to reports, festivalgoers desperately sought protection, with several being shot. Many were intoxicated or high on drugs, which added to their confusion and horror.

Hamas gunmen invaded Israel from Gaza and opened fire on festivalgoers. As additional revelers were attacked, the situation deteriorated. Israeli communities around the festival grounds were also targeted, resulting in the kidnapping of dozens of people, including the elderly and crippled, and the terrible loss of many lives.

Rescue efforts revealed a staggering toll, with at least 260 bodies recovered by Israel’s rescue service Zaka.

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Suheyb abu Amar al-Razm’s tragic destiny exemplifies the indiscriminate aspect of the attack, in which people from all walks of life were caught up in a terrifying ordeal. The festival, which began as a celebration of music and joy, ended in a heartbreaking catastrophe that has left a lasting mark on the country.