Queen Elizabeth II has decided to sit out Saturday’s Epsom Derby and watch the sporting event on television at Windsor Castle instead, the palace said. 

According to a report by BBC, the Queen did not attend Friday’s thanksgiving service either, which was a part of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations, after experiencing “discomfort” during the events that were held a day before. 

The service, which took place at St Paul’s Cathedral, was viewed by the Queen on television while her 73-year-old-son Prince Charles represented her. 

Until the COVID-19 pandemic, the 96-year-old monarch had missed the horse racing event only twice during the course of her decades-long reign. 

On Saturday, Princess Anne will be filling in for the Queen at the Epsom Derby. 

According to BBC, Gill Smallwood, an attendee of the Jubilee celebrations, revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge informed her that the Queen was “fine” during an event that was held at London’s Guildhall earlier.

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Smallwood told PA news agency that she had brought up the Queen’s health during a conversation with Kate Middleton, to which the duchess had replied that the monarch had a “lovely time” on the first day of the celebrations but felt it was “very tiring.”

Previously, the Queen’s fondness for horse racing was discussed at the thanksgiving service held at St Paul’s Cathedral. 

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Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell lauded her for “staying the course” and added that she still remained “in the saddle” even if she doesn’t attend the event.

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Derby Day, which will be celebrated on Saturday, will witness 40 current jockeys and veterans who have ridden horses for the Queen in the past, commemorate her 70-year-long reign through a guard of honour. 

The jockeys will sport bright gold, red and purple silks. The owners of the Jockey Club have said that the British monarch’s stand will officially be titled the ‘Queen Elizabeth II Stand’.