Financial emergencies are bound to happen, and it can come in various ways like a natural calamity, sudden hospitalisation or an unexpected celebration. While money experts say that one should have at least six months worth of emergency funds that can help with such expenses, many people don't follow this.

But what are the ways to get some money during a financial crisis? The key things while getting a loan is the tenure of repayment, interest rates and how urgently one needs the loan. Though, make sure that you really need the loan and can repay it otherwise it could lead to a debt trap.

Here are few ways in which can get you money in a pinch: 


1. Cash withdrawal on a credit card: The interest rates for withdrawal on a credit card is around 2.35-5% a month. Interest is levied from the day you withdraw the money from an ATM. The amount you can withdraw varies from card to card, and is usually around 40-80% of your card's limit. In this too, the daily cash withdrawal might be capped.

2. Borrow money from your employer: When you looking for funds during an emergency, you could borrow it from your workplace. The interest rates while borrowing from your workplace might be around 5-8%. The funds could be equivalent to a few month's pay and would get deducted from salary in a few years. 

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3. Top-Up Loan: One can get a top-up loan of up to Rs 50 lakh, if you already have a home loan. This option is available if one has repaid the original home loan for some years, while the combined value of the home loan and the top-up cannot exceed 75% of the value of the house.

4. Personal Loan: The interest rates for personal loans are comparatively higher, around 13-24%. One of the quickest ways to get the loan is personal loan, and it is even easier if you have a pre-approved loan from the bank, which will make the process faster. However, high interest rates and processing fees is charged in such loans.

5. Loan against property: If you want a huge loan, loan against property can get you a loan of Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 crore. Residential and commercial properties can be used as a collateral. Banks could lend you up to 65% value of the collateral. Though it might take around 3-10 days to get the loan sanctioned.


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6. Loan against securities: You can also chip in your shares, mutual funds and FD's as collateral. Banks offer money upto 50% for shares and mutual funds, whereas 75% for fixed deposits. The funds are transferred to current account, from where you can easily access them.

7. Loan against gold: The interest rates for loan against gold could vary from 10-17%. In this, you can get upto 60% of the value of your gold. You can repay the loan whenever you want, but gold is only released once the entire loan is paid back.