As COVID-19 cases continue to surge in Karnataka's Bengaluru, the city's positivity rate has touched an all-time high of 55% on Monday, when it reported 22,112 infections, nearly half of overall's state daily tally of 44,438. While Karnataka reported 44,631 new infections on Tuesday, Bengaluru reported 20,870 cases of COVID-19, taking the positivity rate to 33%.

Bengaluru has currently over 3 lakh active cases of COVID-19, and Karnataka has 464,363 active cases. A total of 132 people died in Bengaluru in the last 24 hours, while overall 292 deaths were reported in the state, an all-time high. 

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Bengaluru is reporting over 100 deaths daily since the outbreak of the second wave of COVID in India. While the daily average of new COVID cases in Bengaluru of 20,000 infections comes at a time when testing has been reduced to 40,000/60,000 per day from 1 lakh tests. 

Hospitals in Bengaluru have been stretched to their limit with many not having a single ICU bed and many reporting a shortage of medical oxygen. According to the Times of India, two people died on Tuesday in small hospitals due to lack of oxygen. Meanwhile, many hospitals are continuing to turn away critical patients due to a lack of beds. 

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Three hospitals in Bengaluru on Monday sent SOS for oxygen shortage, two of them received the supply eventually.