Actor Lee Min Ho has denied dating rumors with former Momoland member Yeonwoo through his agency MYM Entertainment. The dating rumors of the two started doing the rounds after K-media outlet claimed that they are in a relationship.

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According to the report, the actors are in a romantic relationship for five months. The media outlet also shared a few photos of the rumored couple to prove their claims.

However, a representative from actor's agency stated that they are just acquaintances and are not in a romantic relationship.

Responding to the dating rumors, a representative from MYM Entertainment stated, "Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo are just acquaintances and are not dating."

On the other hand,  the media outlet claimed that Min Ho was with Yeonwoo on her birthday . The report also stated that the couple enjoyed a late-night movie date at the COEX Megabox and shared photos of the two at the parking lot, reports International Business Times.

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Regarding the movie date, MYM Entertainment stated that Min Ho and Yeonwoo were hanging out with their friends on that day and were not on a movie date.

"They did not go to the movies with just two of them. There were other friends as well. The pictures seem like it. The photos were of them hanging out together with other acquaintances," the agency stated.

Min Ho and Yeonwoo share similar interests in movies and games and it brought them closer to each other, the media outlet claimed.