Israeli actor-film producer Gal Gadot took to her Instagram to express her concern as the hostility between Israel and Palestine continues to escalate. In a post, she shared that she is heartbroken to know that her country is at war.

 "My heart breaks. My country is at war. I worry for my family, my friends. I worry for my people. This is a vicious cycle that has been going on for far too long," wrote Gadot.

Though her message was for unity, she sparked an online war as many critics accused her of being a “propaganda” tool for Israel, given her past military service to that country, reports

Some users even targeted Gadot for supporting “ethnic cleansing” and “mass genocide,” among other barbs.

After receiving negative feedback on her post,  Gadot eventually disabled the comment section and chose not to delete the post.

Some users also praised Gadot and called out those who were blaming her.

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“The internet is angry at Gal Gadot because she’s an IDF veteran, which all Israelis are required to serve in for at least two years, and had the audacity to share a heartwarming message for peace in the conflict. A lot of disgusting people in her replies,” one man wrote.