After the tweets by global icons, such as Rihanna and Greta Thunberg, on the ongoing farmers' protest garnered both applause and backlash, the issue has been brought back into international attention by comedian and 'The Daily Show' host Trevor Noah. In an eight-minute clip that was aired on Wednesday, the host explained what the protest was all about and the government's crackdown on it.

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"We're talking about India because, in a year of global protests, they're in the midst of the biggest one anywhere," Noah says at the starting of the show's 'If you don't know, now you know' segment.

"The government tried to change the decades-old agriculture laws and that’s when the manure hit the fan," Noah says while explaining the stir. He explains the farmers were protesting as they feared the laws would make them lose their livelihood.

"That sounds like a rough situation," he retorts.

Noting that the farmers' are there for a long haul, the host says "no one on this earth is more patient than a farmer" as they're the same people who wait five months to grow an eggplant.

"An eggplant! I am not even patient enough to find it in the emoji. Sometimes, I'll just send a cucumber of something," Noah quips. 

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Farmers in India are protesting since November 26 against the Centre's three farm laws, enacted in September, last year. Although the government has termed them as reforms, farmers claim they would lead to the corporatisation of the agriculture sector.