Addressing a campaign rally on Monday in the battleground state of Arizona, President Donald Trump said in the November 3 vote, Americans have a "choice between the American dream or a socialist nightmare," PTI reported. Trump has often used the socialist label to attack his Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

The President said, if elected, "Biden will postpone the vaccine, prolong the pandemic, close your schools, and shut down our country," PTI reported.

He alleged that a Biden administration would massively raise taxes.


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“You will be buried in regulations. You know we cut regulations, it would take 18 to 21 years to get a highway approved, we have it down to one year and you know what from two to one very shortly to be exact,” he asserted.

"They want to dismantle your police departments," he further alleged.


Attacking Biden's running mate, Trump said "Biden even chose as his running mate the most liberal senator in America."

"Senator Kamala Harris is a sponsor of the socialist Green New Deal and legislation to strip away the private health plans of 180 million Americans," he added.

The Green New Deal is a Congressional resolution which aims to tackle factors contributing to global warming.


"Harris also urged her supporters to donate to a fund that build out the rioters, the ones that knocked out your towns, your cities, not in Republican areas, by the way, all in Democrat areas," Trump alleged, referring to the anti-racism protests following the custodial killing of George Floyd.

Attacking his opponent further, Trump alleged, "Joe Biden is a servant of the left-wing globalists and lobbyists, the wealthy donors, the Washington vultures who got rich bleeding America dry. You know, they (Democrats) raise a lot of money. You know why? Because they make deals. They make deals."

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Calling Biden a "corrupt politician", Trump accused the mainstream media and the Big tech companies of hiding his corruption.