The price of premium petrol soared above Rs 100 mark on Saturday in Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. While technical problems such as older machines not being able to read three-digits occurred, the wrath of the opposition in the country was unleashed through an opportunity to slam the regime for the unrestricted prices of fuel. While all of this was happening, Twitter, as usual, had its own meme frenzy.

 A faux-account of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi named Rofl Gandhi 2.0, created supposedly for comedic purposes, thanked the Prime Minister for the skyrocketing prices, tagging him in its tweet.

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“Thank you @narendramodi ji”, it said, putting a couple of emojis alongside the statement.

Another user celebrated the event sarcastically as the ‘first nationalist centurion’, photoshopping the Prime Minister face onto a cricketer’s who seemingly has thrown up his hands in the air to mark a century.

This was not the only cricket reference in memes or protests, as a Youth Congress office-bearer, as per reports, was seen standing in front of a petrol bunk in Bhopal, celebrating in the aforementioned manner with a bat and a helmet in his two hands.

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The list of most expensive places in the country saw an unusual contender, with a meme using an X-men template to list a petrol bunk as the most expensive place, above competitors such as Taj Hotel in Mumbai and Hyderabad’s Falaknuma.

As per various media reports, the rate for premium petrol in Bhopal touched Rs 100.04 on Saturday. Madhya Pradesh, amongst all the states, levies the highest sum of cess and tax on fuel, 39% on petrol and 28% on diesel. The central tax rates, on the other hands, are Rs 31/litre for petrol and Rs 23/litre for diesel.