Actor Nishant Singh Malkhani was known by his onscreen character names like Adhiraj Singh from the TV show ‘Miley Jab Hum Tum’ or Akshat Jindal from ‘ Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega’ and then one day ‘Bigg Boss 14’ happened and now the world knows him by his real name.

“I think it was great exposure for me because till date I was known by my character’s name but now the whole world knows me by my own individual identity of Nishant Singh Malkhani and I think that’s one of the biggest upsides of doing ‘Bigg Boss’ for me,” the actor told Opoyi in a conversation.

Nishant participated in the reality show as a contestant and was on the series for 5 weeks before getting evicted. However, he is now flooded with offers for different projects.

“The moment I came out, I did a web film and now I have a long line of music videos to do, a lot of web directors and producers are now getting in touch with me. They want to cast me because they saw the kind of person I am while I was living in that house,” he said.

His fashion sense was widely applauded inside the house and the actor made sure that he looks good inside the house.

“I did want to make good fashion sense while I am inside and I have a very talented team which makes sure that I look my best. I like to look good and I think every human being wants to look good not just an actor but do I follow a very strict designer's guide? No, i tell my team and i trust them,” he said.

So what is his wish-list now and he says that he would “like to do some great projects.”

“Five years down the lane, I would like to see myself as a respected and loved actor who has a very good body of work. I would like to inspire the world in the sense that dreaming to be an actor is not just for something who comes from that background.

“A middle-class boy from Delhi like me who had no idea ever to be an actor and while growing and while studying, he had this wish of being famous and being loved by a lot of people. (sic)

"However, destiny and the universe did so many things and put me in that position where I did get my opportunity then it’s all about your hard work, dedication, talent, and passion so it’s possible for anybody to be an actor as long as you are honest towards that wish ,” he sums up.