After Budlight, MillerLite, and Adidas, Ford is the latest company to be boycotted by conservatives on social media after the company introduced a rainbow-colored raptor.

A new promotional video showcasing their latest launch, which is called Ford Very Gay Raptor, went viral on the internet. One of the first ones to upload Ford’s video on Twitter was TikTok user Brian Michael on May 16.

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Brian accused the company of destroying 120 years of American history in one minute. Many have since lashed out at Ford, some calling the company “trans” and others “gay,” using the terms as forms of insult. Many people also vowed to never buy a Ford vehicle again.

Here are a few of the reactions from the conservative users:

Ford’s Very Gay Raptor has a glittery gold body adorned with a wave of rainbow running from the front side of the car to the back. Ford apparently developed the Raptor in response to a homophobic comment about a Ranger Raptor video that was shared in 2021.

In June 2021, the company uploaded a video and said that their blue Ranger Raptor, which was then the latest launch had gained a lot of positive attention. However, one particular homophobic comment stopped them dead in their tracks.

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The commenter, whose name was blacked out by the company, wrote that the car was cool, but the blue color of the vehicle was “very gay”. Instead, the commenter suggested that the company paint their trucks in gold and black. This was when Ford decided to build the Very Gay Raptor with a gold body and a rainbow livery in celebration of their 25 years of LGBTQ+ advocacy across Europe.

This Raptor is meant to redefine the meaning of “tough.” The vehicle was launched as a follow-up to the “Tough Talks” video series presented by Ford featuring Gareth Thomas, a former Welsh Rugby player and the first rugby union player who is openly gay.

He spoke with guests in the series about fighting homophobia in the automotive world and stressed the need of redefining the notion of being tough.