Clefable is a Fairy-type of Pokemon and was originally found in the Kanto region. It was introduced in the I Generation. Clefable is weak against Poison and Steel-type Pokemon and strong against Dragon, Bug, Dark, and Fighting-type Pokemon.

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Clefable resembles a larger Clefairy, with bigger ears and tail, larger wings, and no claws on its hands. Clefable has the abilities Cute Charm and Magic Guard along with the hidden ability Unaware. Cute Charm provides a 30% chance that the opponent's Pokémon will become infatuated when they hit Clefable with a physical move. On the other hand, Magic Guard ensures that Clefable is not affected by moves that attack its Status. Unaware ignores the stat changes for a Pokémon.

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Clefable has a max Combat Power (CP) of 2755 and evolves from Clefairy which costs 50 candy. The best moves of Clefable are Pound and Dazzling Gleam.

Clefable quick stats:

Base stats

Max CP: 2755

Attack: 178

Defense: 162

HP: 216


Clefable is boosted by Cloudy weather. It is a strong Fairy-type Pokemon.


Clefable is vulnerable to Poison and Steel-type moves.

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Clefable evolves from Clefairy.


Clefable best moves are Pound and Dazzling Gleam.