Clefairy is a Fairy-type of Pokemon and was originally found in the Kanto region. It was introduced in the I Generation. Clefairy is weak against Poison and Steel-type Pokemon and strong against Dragon, Bug, Dark, and Fighting-type Pokemon.

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Clefairy is a small, round, pink, star-shaped Pokémon. Its hands have two white claws and a thumb. Its ears are short and pointy with dark tips. It has a long, curled tail and swirly hair, and pink cheeks. On its back, it has small wings Clefairy can have the ability Magic Guard or Cute Charm. Cute Charm allows Clefairy to have a 30% chance to infatuate the foe if the foe is the opposite gender and a physical attack hits Clefairy. Magic Guard allows Clefairy to only get damaged by attacks. Clefairy can jump very high, as seen in the anime, and can hear very well. This is often the reason why they are hard to find. Clefairy collects moonlight in its wings and uses it to fly. Clefairy is very timid and rarely appears in front of humans. But it is very clever, and there is awareness among social and religious groups. Clefairy is a nocturnal Pokémon and will come out during the full moon to dance.

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Clefairy has a max Combat Power (CP) of 1306 and evolves into Clefable which costs 50 candy. The best moves of Clefairy are Zen Headbutt and Moonblast.

Clefairy quick stats:

Base stats

Max CP: 1306

Attack: 107

Defense: 108

HP: 172


Clefairy is boosted by Cloudy weather. It is a strong Fairy-type Pokemon.


Clefairy is vulnerable to Poison and Steel-type moves.

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Clefairy evolves into Clefable.


Clefairy best moves are Zen Headbutt and Moonblast.