Amid the gloom of the devastating second wave of COVID-19, a few survival stories shine through and offer hope. One such story is that of a 62-year-old retired bank manager whose lungs were infected up to 95% after she contracted the deadly virus. She spent 50 days in a hospital but her determination to be back home saw her through the trying times. Even after returning home, she had to be on oxygen support for a month.

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Usha Nigam's story of grit starts with a trip she made to Dewas. The retired bank manager, who used to work at Zila Sehkari Bank in Ujjain, went to Dewas after her sister's death. Three days after returning from Dewas, she started showing symptoms like fever and cough. On October 20, her COVID test came out positive.

The lady was then admitted to Madhavnagar Hospital, where her CT scan score came as zero. But two days later, her health started worsening and she was shifted to ICU. Nigam was given 6 injections of Remedisivir but there was no significant improvement in her condition. After severe deterioration, she was shifted to Aurobindo hospital on October 29.

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Just eight days after the first CT scan, when the test was redone on October 30, 65% of her lungs had been infected. Another round of six Remedisivir injections was administered, but no improvement was noticed. In fact, the doctor said that the patient might not be able to recover.

But her son and daughter-in-law did not give up. They made it a point  to meet her often, wearing PPE kits. After a month, she tested negative on November 12.  But the joy was short lived as she was soon diagnosed with 95% lung infection on November 26. She was also detected with fibrosis.

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But, Nigam stayed positive. Her determination and family's support paid off and after 50 days',  on December 2, 2020 she was taken off oxygen support. As of today, Usha Nigam is totally healthy and has defeated COVID-19 virus.

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