After entering Bigg Boss OTT as the only solo contestant, Divya Agarwal has been gaining lots of support from her fans for her game. Before entering the show Divya said, “It would be really difficult for people to break me. I think it’s going to be quite a mature and meaningful ride this time.”

Divya Agarwal was nominated on the night of the launch of Bigg Boss OTT. As per this season’s theme ‘Stay Connected’, all the housemates had to form a connection with a contestant of the opposite gender. 

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Divya was the last contestant to be introduced on the stage, due to which there were no contestants left for her to form a connection. This resulted in her being nominated for elimination during the first week.

Divya’s journey inside the Bigg Boss OTT house started with a massive fight with co-contestant Pratik Sehajpal. The two had worked together in MTV’s 'Ace of Space'.

Pratik dismissed Divya as a friend, he alleged that she had ignored his phone calls and messages. Pratik had also insulted Divya’s boyfriend, Varun Sood during a fight with her.

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Due to constant bickering with Pratik, Divya had an emotional broke down in the Bigg Boss OTT house. She told her then friend Shamita Shetty that she would not tolerate any sort of bullying.

Divya also stated that Pratik kept staring at her angrily throughout the day making her feel threatened.

Bigg Boss then gave male contestants the chance to swap their partners. Zeeshan Khan pressed the buzzer as he wanted to form a connection with Divya.

The following week, Divya and Zeeshan were chosen as the new Boss Lady and Boss Man. 

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After the first ‘Sunday Ka Vaar’ episode, Divya and Shamita relationship was no longer the same. Shamita was upset that Divya labelled her caring nature as ‘bossy and demanding’. Since then two have been at loggerheads.

During the weekend episodes with host Karan Johar, Divya was heavily criticised by the former. He didn’t let Divya explain her points. This caused the fans of the show to bash Karan Johar for his biased behaviour. Divya’s fans trended the hashtag ‘We Stand By Divya’ to show support to her.

After her Zeeshan Khan’s eviction, Divya broke down as she once again became the only contestant without a connection. Raqesh Bapat motivated Divya to boost her game as a solo player.

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Divya blamed host Karan Johar for her housemates’ stand-offish behaviour. She said that she was cornered by the housemates and no one wants to talk with her.

When Divya tried to convince Nishant Bhat to form a connection with her, the latter’s connection Muskan Jattana accused Divya of stealing her partner. After further provocation by Muskan, Divya threatened to slap her.

Divya became ‘The OTT Boss’ for the fourth time on the show.

On the latest Sunday’s episode, Divya had a surprise visit from boyfriend Varun Sood. Varun praised her game asked to continue to play as a strong contestant.