Former US president Donald Trump will return to the political limelight on Sunday with his address at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando. The 74-year-old billionaire will seek to regain control of the Republican Party, which is now out of power. Trump's highly-anticipated speech can include the possibility of another presidential run for 2024.

Trump, accused of inciting a January 6 violence at the Capitol, is sure to be greeted like a returning hero by a loyalist crowd on the final day of the nation's largest conservative gathering.

"We are not starting new parties, and we will not be dividing our power and our strength," Trump will say, according to Fox News.

"Instead, we will be united and strong like never before."

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After leaving Washington, Trump distanced himself from anything political and largely kept to himself at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, still, many lawmakers say he remains the dominant conservative political force.

US political parties usually face a reckoning after a string of losses such as those the Republican Party saw under Trump in 2020: losing the White House, ceding the Senate and failing to take back the House of Representatives. Still, much of the Republican party sees Trump as retaining a vice-like grip on its future.

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It is a perception he has encouraged, setting himself up as a vindictive Republican kingmaker. On Friday, he endorsed an ex-aide against an Ohio congressman, who voted to impeach him.

A source familiar with Trump's plans said the former president will be "talking about the future of the Republican Party" and will criticise some new Biden policies.

But a Trump 2024 announcement may not come at CPAC, which started on Friday with panels on "protecting elections" as speakers aired their grievances, describing an America "under siege" by the liberal left.