US President Donald Trump, on Sunday, signed The Tibetan Policy and Support Act of 2020, as part of the $2.3 trillion package for the year-end bill to provide long-delayed COVID-19 relief and fund the federal government, PTI reported.

The Act, which modifies and re-authorises various programmes and provisions related to Tibet, aims to build an international coalition to ensure that the next Dalai Lama is appointed solely by the Tibetan Buddhist community, without interference from China.

The bill, which was unanimously passed by the US Senate last week, authorises assistance to non-governmental organisations in support of Tibetan communities in Tibet.

It also places restrictions on new Chinese consulates in the United States until a US consulate has been established in Lhasa, Tibet.

The duties of the Office of the US Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues have been expanded, while the Secretary of State has been directed not to open a new Chinese consulate in the US unless China allows the opening of an American consulate in Lhasa.

Significantly, the Tibetan Policy and Support Act of 2020 also approves $1 million per annum for the Special US Coordinator on Tibet, $675,000 towards scholarship provisions, $575,000 for scholar exchange initiatives, $8 million for the Tibetan Autonomous Regio and Communities in China, $6 million for Tibetans living in India, $3 million for Tibetan governance, PTI reported.

Beijing has continued to view the 14th Dalai Lama as a "separatist" conniving to split Tibet from China. Some of the prominent measures approved by the US Congress in retaliation include imposing sanctions on Chinese officials, along with travel restrictions.