Surendra Singh, the Bhartiya Janata Party MLA from Uttar Pradesh's Ballia, claimed in a video that drinking 'gaumutra' or cow urine has helped him in the fight against coronavirus. In a video made by him, he recommends people to "drink cow urine with a glass of cold water."

In the video, shared by news agency ANI UP, the MLA demonstrates how exactly the cow urine should be consumed. After he appeals everyone to drink it, he gulps a glass himself. Singh said that cow urine can play an essential role in the fight against COVID-19. 

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Here's the video of BJP MLA appealing to consume cow urine:

He claimed that the secret behind his good health, even after working for 18 hours a day was cow urine. The BJP MLA said that cow urine should be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning. He said, "5 capfuls of cow urine should be mixed in a glass of cold water" to consume. 

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Singh asked not to consume anything for half an hour after drinking it. He said that "cow urine is a superpower against many diseases, especially heart diseases." The Ballia MLA suggested getting Patanjali cow urine for consumption if fetching directly is difficult. 

He also stated that, whether or not he believes in science, he completely trusts cow urine, in the fight against COVID-19

Uttar Pradesh has seen a massive rise in COVID cases, with over 25,000 cases getting recorded everyday from couple of weeks.