Cabinet Minister of Maharashtra Aditiya Thackeray has announced that the new curriculum in the schools of Maharashtra will include agriculture and agronomy. In a series of tweets, he said studying agriculture would help to facilitate the research sector.

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He tweeted , “The school curriculum in Maharashtra will now include Agriculture and Agronomy. A big thank you to @VarshaEGaikwad ji & @dadajibhuseji for this incredible decision, laying the foundation for a transformation in the way the younger generation perceives farming.”

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The decision to add the agriculture and agronomy in the course was taken by the government in a joint meeting with the Agriculture Department and the School Department. The meeting was held on August 25. Many people were present at the meeting, including Maharashtra Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad, Maharastra Agriculture Minister Dadaji Bhuse, and others.

Agriculture Minister Dadaji Bhuse also tweeted, “It has been decided to include the topic of agriculture in school education in the spirit of a future researcher who understands the problems of farmers and reach new heights of innovation in agriculture.”

While praising the initiative, Maharashtra Cabinet Minister Thackeray took to social media saying the decision laid the groundwork for a change in the way young people view farming. While emphasising the fact that India is an agricultural nation, he noted that the official introduction of these courses will help create research and innovation in the sector.

He added that the timely introduction of these courses will help students to be aware of the problem facing by Indian farmers. Therefore, students will begin to find appropriate and sustainable solutions to problems.

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He said that what was learned in schools would create awareness and sensitivity to the problems of farmers in the country. India is an agricultural nation, and officially introducing agricultural research in schools, will provide tremendous impetus and help to innovate and research in the field.

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The minister also pointed out that these courses will create a critical environment for students with regard to the agricultural crisis and will therefore enable them to find possible solutions. With early introduction at school level, this curriculum will create awareness for farmers’ problems and encourage learners to find sustainable solutions to the challenges.