The leading Kpop group, BTS, announced that they would serve in South Korea’s mandatory military service. The eldest member, Jin, is going to start this process. After his solo debut at the end of October, the 29-year-old singer, who turns 30 in December, will enlist. After completing their service obligation in 2025, the group intends to reconvene.

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Here’s a look at their top 5 albums:

1. Map of the Soul: 7 –  This album has been regarded as the band’s most personal project. It contains a lot of references to their old music. An introspective work for all the members, it was released on 21 February 2020. It features collaborations with popular singers Halsey and Sia. The album has been described as pop with R&B and hip-hop influences. It was an instant global hit upon its release and has since cemented itself as the band’s best-selling album.

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2. Love Yourself: Tear – BTS’s third studio album, explores the themes of pain, heartbreak, and separation. The tracklist includes hits like Fake Love, Airplane Pt 2, and Anpanman. Anpanman is based on the Japanese cartoon hero Anpanman, who is made up of bread buns and is the world’s weakest superhero.  

3. Love Yourself: Answer – Containing chart-topping tracks like DNA and Idol, this album, in contrast with Love Yourself: Tear, builds itself on the themes of empowerment, youth, love, and reflection. The tracks are empowering and cathartic. This album was BTS’s first album to get certified gold in the US. 

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4. BE – This album is a product of the pandemic, thus it dives into concepts like comfort, loneliness, anxiety, sadness, hope, and joy. Its chart-topper Dynamite earned BTS their first Grammy nomination. With songs like Life Goes On, Blue & Grey, the album has a comforting and soothing feel to it, just what we need during the pandemic. 

5. The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever – Crafted with songs from The Most Beautiful Moment In Life EP and several new additions, this album led the band to win one of the biggest awards at an end-of-the-year award show. They won album of the year at the 2016 Melon music awards. The album is a cohesion of chaotic emotions, like desperation in I Need U to absolute melancholy in Autumn Leaves.