The biggest names in K-Pop, BTS, declared on Monday that they would enlist in South Korea’s military service requirement, with Jin, who turns 30 this December, commencing the process at the end of October.

The septet’s collective activities will briefly pause as a result of this move. But according to record firm Bighit Music, “both the company and the members of BTS are looking forward to reconvening as a group again around 2025 following their service commitment.”

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“The members of BTS are currently moving forward with plans to fulfill their military service. Group member Jin will initiate the process as soon as his schedule for his solo release is concluded at the end of October. He will then follow the enlistment procedure of the Korean government. Other members of the group plan to carry out their military service based on their own individual plans,” a Bighit statement read. 

“With the release of their first anthology album earlier this year it opened the path to allow the members to take some time to explore individual projects. As part of the HYBE family, we support and encourage our artists and are beyond proud that they will each now have time to explore their unique interests and do their duty by being of service to the country they call home,” the statement added. “After the phenomenal concert to support Busan’s bid for the World Expo 2030, and as each individual embarks on solo endeavors, it’s the perfect time and the members of BTS are honored to serve.”  

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The group received media attention over the weekend with a sizable free concert called Yet To Come in Busan in favour of the southern port city’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo. Approximately 50 million people streamed the show live, according to their management company Hybe Entertainment. 

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More than just a song from their most recent album, Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment) is a promise from BTS that there is still much more to come in the years to come, assured Bighit. The band debuted in 2013 and achieved remarkable success in 2016.