Prey has been a breath of fresh air to the Predator franchise, as the 2022 Hulu release garnered positive critical and audience reviews. It puts the Predator story in the 1700s as a Comanche tribe battles the deadly alien, Prey becomes all about the hunt. 

If you loved the thrill of the chase and the excitement of evading death that Dan Trachtenberg’s movie champions, here are five movies like Prey you must watch. 

Predator (1987)

Dutch, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his team of elite soldiers meet a foe unlike any other, an alien killing machine. 

The initial Predator movie became a cult success with the iconic tongue clicking sound enough to raise fear in those who’ve seen the original, even now. 

Dutch’s line that if it bleeds it can be killed, makes its way to the prequel as well, linking the two movies well together. 

The Hunt (2020)

The movie was shelved after a spate of violence in America but was eventually released. It plays on the motif that the rich and powerful prey on the working people for their enjoyment. 

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In the film, a group of strangers wake up to find themselves being hunted by the elite. However, one of them proves to be a little too much and decides to fight back. 

Ready or Not (2019)

The thrill of the hunt takes on new heights when a newlywed finds out the groom’s side of the family engages in a sick game. She has to survive the night while the rest of the family tries to kill her. 

Armed with little else than self-determination, violence unfolds, and the family learns that the new bride is actually more than ready. 

Hard Target (1993)

Nobody does action quite like John Woo, and his collaboration with Jean-Claude Van Damme comes after the director already made his chops in films like A Better Tomorrow and Hardboiled. 

A destitute seaman agrees to help a woman find her missing father but falls in the crosshairs of a deadly killer targeting homeless people. The movie is all about how bad guys try to hunt down Van Damme and how he keeps repealing their advances. 

The Strangers (2008)

Home invasion movies generally unsettle audiences because it gives the feeling that there is no safe sanctuary. Horror movies thrive on the same aspect to elicit anxiety in the viewer. 

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The Strangers sees a couple go to a remote family house after a planned proposal ends in dismay. They have to spend the night together but the awkwardness soon gives way to something more sinister when a stranger comes knocking at their door. 

Soon, the duo are besieged by a group of masked killers who hunt them for their sport.