Controversy has erupted in the adult film industry as veteran producer and porn star Michael Lucas faces severe backlash for a social media post where he proudly showcased his signature on a missile supposedly intended for Hamas. In the post, Lucas nonchalantly remarked, “Hahaha I actually asked to write my name,” accompanying the comment with an image of his signature on the projectile.

The provocative post has triggered a strong response from within the adult film community, with several porn stars declaring their refusal to work with Lucas’s studio in the future. Among the dissenters is Shahrokh Mosavinejad, who condemned the act, asserting that anyone endorsing the inscribing of notes on missiles is, in his view, complicit in the murder and genocide of innocent Palestinian civilians.

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Sean Xavier, another adult film actor, expressed his disappointment and condemned the post as both saddening and reprehensible. He announced his decision to no longer promote his work with Lucas’s studio and declined any future offers to collaborate.

Lucas, a vocal supporter of Israel for an extended period, has defended his actions and expressed his refusal to succumb to the criticism. In a statement to the New York Post, he labeled those attempting to “cancel” him as “vile antisemites” and accused them of supporting individuals who, according to him, pose a threat to Jews and the LGBTQ+ community.

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The incident has ignited a broader discussion about the appropriateness of intertwining personal beliefs and political stances with one’s professional life, particularly in an industry that often navigates delicate boundaries. Lucas’s unwavering stance against deleting the tweet despite threats underscores the contentious nature of his actions and the potential ramifications in both his personal and professional relationships.