On Sunday, March 19, 2023, Amanda Bynes was discovered wandering around the streets of Los Angeles without any clothes on. She was brought to a police station and put on a 5150 psychiatric hold. The hold essentially entails keeping the person in custody for 72 hours while authorities assess whether or not they are a danger to others or themselves.

Although it is anticipated that she will require some treatment, the actress has since shared another film online.

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In a recent video, she can be seen relaxing in a hot tub with Dan Schneider, an American television producer, as she presents him as a “special guest” on The Amanda Show.

One social media user even compared Schneider to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, writing: “Bro is the Jeffrey Epstein of Nickelodeon.”

Since she was first spotted entering a California treatment facility in September 2022 after tweeting some concerning allegations against her father, Amanda has been receiving mental health treatment for a while.

Social media users started criticizing the problematic nature of the old The Amanda Show video as soon as it started to circulate online. Many users conjectured that Amanda Bynes has been troubled as an adult as a result of being in that circumstance with Dan Schneider.

Here’s how social media reacted –

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Others also discussed Dan’s relationships with other Nickelodeon actresses, many of whom have criticized him for their many unfavorable interactions with him and accused him of misconduct and gender prejudice. Insider also revealed in August 2022 how the senior producer frequently requested massages from her female coworkers.

The actress is currently being treated in a facility. The actress is expected to receive care for a few days, according to a story from Daily Mail. There is currently little information available regarding the further action because none of her representatives have released a comment.

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Bynes has previously been subjected to a 5150 psychiatric detention, though. The actress was detained for 72 hours in September 2022 before entering a California Treatment Center as she vented about her father on Twitter and leveled some concerning allegations against him.