The longest and most contentious celebrity divorce in recent memory has been the battle between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

But it can now be revealed that peace may finally be on the horizon, only a fortnight after a legal file accusing Pitt of coercive and illegal activity over the vineyard they shared.

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Pitt, 59, and Jolie, 48, have both consented to mediation, which may help them resolve their conflict.

According to documents submitted last week in the vineyard issue, the two celebrities have decided against going to court and instead will use mediation to settle their differences on Chateau Miraval.

Jolie has additionally stated her willingness to attend a settlement conference.

In an effort to end the conflict between himself and the Russians, Pitt has appointed a “provisional administrator” to Chateau Miraval. To whom did Jolie sell her vineyard stake?

The current controversy was started by that transaction.

The action was taken at Pitt’s urging in order to safeguard the immensely lucrative wine company that he helped establish alongside French winemakers Famille Perrin.

An impartial party will be brought in to evaluate the winery and its management and, eventually, (it is hoped), to assist Pitt and Nouvel in their discussions.

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A French source confirms the move, saying: ‘In view of the dispute between Nouvel LLC (controlled by Stoli boss Yuri Shefler) and Mondo Bongo LLC (controlled by Brad Pitt), Chateau Miraval and its director have requested and obtained the appointment of a provisional administrator by the Draguignan (France) Commercial Court, to enable the company and its director to continue to grow the business and its essential partnership with the Perrin Family until such dispute is resolved, in the interests of Château Miraval, its directors, employees, partners and subsidiaries.’

Pitt and Jolie purchased Chateau Miraval, a 1300-acre estate in the south of France, in 2008.

Together with the Perrin family, notable producers of organic wine from the Southern Rhone Valley, they began a winemaking operation there in 2013.

In 2014, the couple were hitched there as well.

A number of experts, notably Wine Spectator magazine, voted Chateau Miraval Rose as the best wine in the world, making the wine component of the event a near-instant success. From 2013 to 2022, profits increased from about €1 million to almost €15 million.